"Toge community".That is we are earning a living place, and@this
spot is famous for a unique station. In addition, there are
two secluded but nationalwide famous hot springs in the neiborhood
of "Toge station". Two hot springs name are "Ubayu Hot Springs"
and "Namekawa Hot Springs".

  Hot springs sourse of Ubayu is welling up the bottom of a
 precipitous gorge. Ubayu has three open-air baths piled rocks up.
That open-air bath affords a fine view of some boulders.

  The interior of Namekawa inn is a Japanese traditional wooden
arechitecture. Lot's of guests are pleased at Namekawa's quiet
atmosphere.Namekawa has a bathtub made of Japanese cypress
besides a open-air bath piled rocks up.

  If you cross a wooden rope bridge beside Namekawa's open-air
bath, and go up a steep slope about 20 minutes. You will obtain the
panorama of Namekawa Falls. This falls is one of Japan's@one@
hundred most famous water falls.

  We want to add a information for you. Namekawa inn is@
experienced in accommodate tourists from English-speaking
countries. We hope that you have a good time through visiting

  "Toge" stands for a summit of a pass. I mean "Toge station"
stands Ou-Line's highest station in Japan Railways East. "Toge
community" is in the Ou-mountain chain, and a heavy snowfall
region. "Toge station" and both sides them are each covered with
huge snowshed-shelters.

  "Toge station" is stopped only way trains, but if you look around
this station for a while., you will come across a bullet train.@
(Yamagata Shinkansen)

  Lastly, we must announce about our business. We are making and
selling a Japanese-ricecake(Mochi) for a century over, and we are
still selling ricecake in boxes on Toge station plat forms since 1901.
this job is a rare scene in the today's tide.

  Do come and see us, please. You have to be surprised to find, a
nostalgic way station stands and two impressive hot springs are
located this deep in the mountains.

  written by Daisuke Kosugi(the fifth young master) oct.,2013